A week after Lydia Jacobs died, police have charged Alston “Mark” Phillips with her murder.
Phillips was charged June 8 with murder and two counts of attempted murder after being taken into police custody June 2, the night of the murder. On June 6, he received only charges of larceny and receiving.

The news of a seventh homicide in Nevis on Friday spread across the island like a wild fire. Jacobs, who lived in Church Ground, had arrived home sometime after 10 p.m. Friday when a friend dropped her off. The 37-year-old woman was just steps into her own yard when an assailant opened fire.

The Observer spoke to a neighbor who noted they heard, at first, one single shot that was then followed by four more shots. The neighbor came outside to see Jacobs on the ground with her daughter screaming and trying to hold her. The daughter and another individual then helped to put Jacob’s lifeless body into a Jeep and transported her to the Alexandra hospital. Jacob was pronounced dead at the hospital.

Jacob was a friend of Phillips’ ex-wife, who had previously roomed with Jacobs and her children at Church Ground.

Phillips has appeared before the Magistrate Court in Charlestown on numerous occasions for using threatening language towards his now ex-wife. On all occasions, he was convicted and fined or convicted and cautioned. Magistrate Yasmine Clarke even warned him that his citizenship could be taken away, saying his ex-wife should not live in fear in her own country.

It is alleged that though convicted and cautioned at his last appearance, Phillips continued to send threats to his ex-wife and to Jacobs, claiming he would have every one of them murdered, including her grandparents.

Since Jacobs’ death, someone released a voice note of Jacobs talking to an unknown person about unidentified men in her backyard.

Jacobs’ death marks the seventh homicide for the year in Nevis, the largest number for this period. On the heel of Jacobs’ murder, three other people were gunned down in St Kitts. The federation has recorded 15 murders in six months: eight in St Kitts and seven in Nevis.