Basseterre, St. Kitts – Anthony Johnson, president of the St. Kitts Nevis Football Association, was re-elected to the post June 25 in a landslide victory and has credited it to the positive approach in reaching out to member clubs.

Johnson defeated his opponent, Dr. Garfield Alexander, 21-4. The other nine positions saw success from Johnson’s Putting Players First campaign by winning by the same margin. Those include the first and second vice presidents and the seven executive members.

Following the successful election, Johnson told reporters that support came from their reaching out to the member clubs in a positive manner as opposed to in a confrontational way.

“When the clubs have an issue or the representative of a club disagrees with a view or policy with the association, we do not react in any antagonistic way,” Johnson said. “We try to find a way to bring heads together and come to common consensus without the negativity or the rancour because that, for me, was one of the turn offs that I have experienced.”

He added that all the representatives of the various clubs came with the best intentions and that was to see the development of football.

“They come because they want to develop football and they want to see their club develop,” he said. “They sacrifice a lot their own time and resources, financially and in terms of their time away from their family.”

Johnson further spoke to his commitment to develop football on Nevis as was promised during the campaign.

“We have had a number of regional courses being held in Nevis over the last few years,” he said. “We have had for the first time a regional women’s tournament being hosted in Nevis, as well as referees from Nevis being promoted to the FIFA list. The next step is to upgrade the Bath playing field, using some of the funding that we get from FIFA towards infrastructure. We believe just as we have almost completed the Gold Project on St. Kitts, we need to see a major development on Nevis that represents football.”

Johnson also spoke about plans to construct a national facility for football that is owned by the association. “We have already made verbal requests in meetings with the government, with the minister of sport,” he said. “We intend now to formalize that request and have it put in a written proposal form. We intend to do [that] in the next few weeks, as opposed to years. I think it is very important for the football product that we have a modern facility that can allow for international matches to be played in a comfortable environment.”

Johnson will now serve in the capacity for the next four years and it is expected that General Secretary Stanley Jacobs will continue in that role.