By Monique Washington

Two young Kayakers from England on Monday made a call at Nevis during their 2000- mile Caribbean journey for charity.

George Parry 22 and William Mc Creadie 21 set to sea on Sept. 26 to begin a journey from St Georges, Grenada to Miami in a three-month attempt to break records that will see them averaging 30 nautical miles per day through some very challenging conditions for the sake of charity.

Speaking exclusively with The Observer on Monday at the Four Season Resort, Mr. Mc Creadie gave the reason behind their journey.

“We wanted to do something big, to inspire other people to take on their own challenges,” he said. “We are facing so many different challenges and so many we didn’t expect or didn’t know existed before we came out here to record our experiences and sharing it with people so they can take on their own challenge.”

When asked why the Caribbean, they said it was as simple as looking at a map and liking the path from Miami through to Grenada.

The duo noted that their mission is to raise money for the new charity Get Exploring Trust. The charity is a grant-making trust that aims to inspire people from all backgrounds to get into the outdoors, to test themselves in different environments, and to push their limits.

“We want to Inspire people and give out money to young people just to get them in the outdoors,” he said  “You could gain so much in expedition through adventures activates away from computers and the indoor lifestyles”

Mr. Parry said during their journey they will have passed 18 countries and hundreds of islands. They will try to break records that will see them averaging 30 nautical miles per day through some very challenging conditions.

“We want to be the first British to it” Parry added.

The longest solo journey by canoe (kayak) is 5,573 kilometres (3,462.89 miles) and was achieved by Marcin Gienieczko (Poland) who travelled from Atalya, Ucayali, Peru to Belém, Para, Brazil between June and September 2015.

“Everyone has been so kind and so helpful along the way,” Parry said. “There are many different challenges. The focus hasn’t been so much in the physical challenge because we finished every day shattered, tired. It’s physically tiring.

“We have challenges like heat navigation driving through salt, your knees are hurting your back is hurting “

The kayakers hope to finish their journey by the 18 of December visiting St. Kitts, St. Barth, the Bahamas, Dominica Republic and Puerto Rico.