28 year old Morella Webbe Died at Hospital and Prime Minister Dr. Timothy Harris

by Loshaun Dixon

Basseterre, St. Kitts-Two infants in Nevis are now motherless after the killing of their mother 28-year-old Morella Webbe of Cotton Ground in a shooting incident  on Easter Monday that also saw her friend Sonia Grant nursing bullet wounds.

Sonia a mother of  two daughters, a  five year old and three year old respectively was out at a at a popular bar in Cotton Ground with her friend and the both were playing Bingo. Reports state the women left the bar at around 3:45 a.m and were seated in parked car when unknown assailants opened fire on the vehicle injuring both women to various parts of their body.

They were both transported to the Alexandra Hospital where Webbe succumbed to her injuries and Grant had undergone emergency surgery to get the bullets removed from her body and was in critical condition.

Condemnation of Webbe’s murder was swift with Premier of Nevis Vance Amory describing the shooting as “a great cause for concern,”

“This tragic loss of life and this act of criminality and wanton waste of our human resource has to be stopped.”

Amory added that the image of federation is being tarnished whenever a life is taken in a similar manner and pleaded with anyone who has information about anyone who has committed crimes or planning to come forward with the information.

“I know I have appealed to all the people in this country – parents, leaders in the community and anyone who knows anyone who is committing or is about to commit a crime or anyone who is in possession of guns or knives which could lead to criminal activity – I make this appeal again and I do so because we are now faced with another traumatic experience and there is no excuse, as far as I am concerned, for us to continue down this path.”

Amory disclosed that he is scheduled to meet once again with the Police High Command to look at ways they can strengthen crime fighting efforts on the islands.

“We want our country to remain a place where people can feel comfortable to come. We want our country to be a place where we can feel at peace and we can feel safe and secure in our homes or on the streets.”

He then dismissed efforts to make the matter of crime a political issue indicating that it should be a concer to everyone.

“It is not a party political issue and whatever may have been said in the past in respect of any responsible party or responsible persons to spearhead the fight against crime, this now, has reached the point where every single one of us has to assume that responsibility.”

The Nevisian Premier then made a strong appeal to those who are considering committing future crime to refrain from doing so

“However, I appeal to all those who intend or have an intention of engaging in any reprisal, not to even consider it.We will give the police the direction to take certain very serious steps to deal with this matter.

“I will not divulge what those steps are but I promise you, that those decisions will be very, very stringent and we will not allow the police to rest and we will not allow anyone, who is suspected of committing crimes, to rest.”

He added that the crime matter is now unbearable and the government will take necessary actions to try and eliminate it.

“We cannot take any more of this and my fellow citizens, let us see this act of criminality for what it is. It is destroying the good name of our country and we cannot allow that to happen. I spoke to you last time and said that when actions like these happen, people might want to reconsider their investments. They may want to reconsider visiting but I do know Nevis is by and large a place of peace. A place where we can feel secure but we need to know, that there will not be any re-occurrence of this dastardly type of action.”

Also reacting to the heinous crime Prime Minister of St. Kitts and Nevis Timothy Harris who labelled that the action as a ”shocking contrast with the values’ the season of Easter.

“An abominable attack on two women occurred in Cotton Ground, Nevis yesterday morning.  The vehicle they were driving in was shot at multiple times, resulting in the senseless, tragic death of one (28-year-old Morella Webbe) and injuries sustained by the other (34-year-old Sonia Grant).”

Dr. Harris in expressing condolences to the families offered assurances that justice will be done.

“My Government condemns this abhorrent, barbaric act and implores those with any information to contact the Royal St. Christopher and Nevis Police Force directly, indirectly or anonymously, to ensure that justice is meted out swiftly for the sake of the victims, their families and loved ones, as well as for the safety and security of us all.

The Prime Minister who is also Minister of National Security says the incident is a reminder of the importance of coming together

“Yesterday, crime affected other people, but today or tomorrow it can impact upon any one of us. My Government encourages you to stand up for your neighbours and community members.  It is also incumbent on the nation to stand with our law and security officers because they stand up for us each and every day on the frontlines in the war on crime. “

He then delivered some stern words for those fractions who are intent on causing trouble.

“This is not a fight that we intend to lose.  With God’s help, we will do mighty things, to include taking our society back and making it the best place for people to work, live, vacation and invest, and from this goal we will not waver. “

Webbe’s death is the seventh homicide in the Federation and the third on Nevis for 2017.