By Lesroy W. Williams

Observer Reporter

(Basseterre, St. Kitts)- There is an old adage that “One mangy sheep spoils the whole flock.” The Kingdom Singers give testimony to the fact that this adage is not always true. With so much emphasis on the negative aspects of our young people, it is so easy to think that all young people are the same. It is the old human tendency to generalize.

The Kingdom Singers are a living example that there are positive things going on for the young people.

They want to go against the grain of the negativity in our society and so they have embarked on a musical career that helps them to draw closer to God and promote God’s Kingdom in our society through music and singing.

The Kingdom Singers began on Dec. 21, 2006, under the leadership of a young man by the name of Hershel Brown who decided to carry on a vision that God had granted him. After getting that vision, he decided to keep it, hold on to it and follow it with all his heart. Today he is the founder of The Kingdom Singers.

The Kingdom Singers have a total of 13 members. In 2007, The Kingdom Singers celebrated their first anniversary in ministry under the theme “Youths Standing for Christ to Defeat the Enemy.” While celebrating their first anniversary The Kingdom Singers organized a week of activities that ran from the 21st -27th of December. Included in the week of activities was an open air service which was held in St. Paul’s and a Gospel concert.

In 2008, they celebrated their second anniversary under the theme “Keeping the Vision in 2008”. So far God has worked with them to give them the strength to battle the enemy of sin and darkness and to continue working to build God’s Kingdom.

The Kingdom Singers plan to divide themselves into many ministries. The following ministries are as follows:  Choir Ministry, Dancing Ministry and Dramatizing Ministry. So far they have accomplished a Word Ministry under the guidance of Hershel Brown and Yannick Mills.

The members of the Kingdom Singers are as follows: Hershel Brown, Founder and Lead Vocalist; Yannick Mills, President and Lead Vocalist; Kevron Mulley, Vice President, Secretary and Keyboardist; Kardrin Francis, Vocalist; Scottie Moses, Vocalist; Ackeve Richards, Vocalist; Sylvester Powell, Bass Guitarist; Alvan Hyliger; Cahema Mulley; Carisma Mulley, Vocalist; Verema Douglas, Vocalist; Arielle Elliott; Verema Douglas, Vocalist and Nya Chiverton, Vocalist. Mr. Herschel Browne, founder of the group said that the group originated at Rivers of Living Water Christian Centre but its membership is multi-denominational.

“God has blessed this ministry with wonderful talented teenagers from different denominations as a sign of the unity of the Body of Christ,” Mr. Browne emphasized.

Mr. Browne said “that the purpose of the group is to equip a generation after God’s own heart who is awakened to the call of God.”

“We have talent, we have purpose and we want to use it for God,” Mr. Browne said.

We have a ministry to reach out to other young people and help them in developing spiritual values, Mr. Browne said.

“We want to open the eyes and hearts of our youths to the will of God especially in these perilous times,” Mr. Browne stated. “The same talent that you use outside in the world is the same talent that you can bring into the Church and use for the Kingdom of God.”

Mr. Browne thinks that by and large the music in contemporary society is very negative and its message contributes to the corruption of our youths. It is in this vein that the Kingdom Singers see themselves as counteracting the negativity in the music by promoting positive and God-conscious lyrics.

“The Kingdom Singers have touched many lives in the nation and helped to develop spiritual and physical role models, values, standards and goals in our society,” Mr. Browne said.

The members of the Kingdom Singers say that the group has proved very positive in guiding them in God-given ways.

“Over the past two years, God has worked within me through the group. I must thank God for the founder of the Kingdom Singers who found me when I was out of the boundaries of using my talent. I suppose that just by looking at me he knew that I had a talent in singing.

After singing at a concert God has blessed my voice tremendously and I thank Him for that,” said Cahema Mulley.

“As the president of the Kingdom Singers, I have escalated to another level physically and spiritually.

However, throughout life, I had my rough times and my good times, but this group has cemented in my mentality that they care about my ups and downs and also God. So, therefore, I encourage you to trust in God and be enrolled in His camp. I have benefited from the group and you can too,” said President Yannick Mills.

“Ungodly songs were my favorite, but on joining this group (The Kingdom Singers) a change definitely happened.  The founder heard me singing one day and he told me that I had a tremendous talent, but that in order to keep it I should use it for God. I accepted his idea and so I joined the Kingdom Singers. This group means a lot to me and it has blessed me tremendously,” Scottie Moses testified.

“Over the past two years with the Kingdom Singers I have benefited in many ways. The group taught me how to maintain a positive example. I was lost and they found me. I was using my talent and they still found me, but I must thank God for letting them find me so that I can use my talent to the glory of God,” Arielle Elliott said with excitement.

“As the founder of the Kingdom Singers, God has really inspired my heart to such a degree for the youths in the nation and has ignited a passion in me for this generation,” said the founder Hershel Browne.

“The Lord has been good to us, how can we let him down?  The Bible says in Psalms 150 vs. 6 ‘Let everything that has breath praise the Lord. Praise ye The Lord.’ ” David says in Psalms 100 vs. 1: “Make a joyful noise unto the lord all ye land, serve the lord with gladness, come before his presence with singing,” The Kingdom Singers said

The Kingdom Singers will be having a concert at the St. Paul’s Wesleyan Holiness Church, Main Street, St. Pauls on 18th July, 2008 at 7:30pm.