Liburd opens Public Works Week 2018


The following is the address for the opening of Public Works Week 2018 delivered by the Honourable Ian Patches Liburd, minister of public infrastructure, posts, urban development and transport:

Fellow citizens and residents, greetings.

It gives me great pleasure to address you as the minister responsible for public infrastructure, post, urban development and transport on the occasion of the launch of “Public Works Week 2018,” which will run from Sunday, May 13, to Saturday May 19.

The theme chosen for this year is “PWD – Serving our Community.” With such a theme, the Public Works Department will attempt to highlight its vital role in the maintenance and improvement of our public infrastructure and facilities. The services [that] are rendered at these facilities, whether it is our schools, community centres, sporting complexes or health facilities, help to assure a higher quality of life for our people.

The PWD, with the support of the Ministry of Public Infrastructure et al, deems it important to have this week of activities as an avenue to raise public awareness of the important work that it performs, also as a means to build comradery among colleagues.

The Public Works Department is a critical arm of the government and performs varied and vital roles in serving our community. In particular, the Public Works Department:

  1. provides engineering and architectural services to the government.
  2. undertakes the maintenance of all government buildings such as schools, hospitals, recreation facilities and community centres in concert with the various ministries.
  3. operates the government’s quarry and sand-mining sites from which we obtain the aggregates for the construction of our buildings and our roads.
  4. maintains government’s fleet of vehicles.
  5. constructs and maintains our road network, including drains and sidewalks. In fact, work has just begun on the rehabilitation of the Island Main Road.

The PWD is also involved in the supervision of several other infrastructural projects [that] are either ongoing, or are in an advanced stage of planning, including [the following]:

  1. Mitigating the threat of falling rocks and coastal erosion across Old Road Bay.
  2. The installation of traffic lights at key junctions in Basseterre (a project to be expanded).
  3. The construction of the East Bus Line Terminal at Wellington Road, which has started and is due to be officially opened in time for our 35th Independence Celebration.
  4. The construction of the New Basseterre High School at Ponds Estate.
  5. The construction of the Breakwater at the Old Road Fisheries Complex.
  6. The design and construction of the New Sandy Point Police Station and Courthouse.
  7. The construction of the New Cruise Ship Pier at Port Zante.

As the minister of public infrastructure, I proudly salute and thank the Public Works professionals who serve our community every day by ensuring that our public facilities and infrastructure are well maintained so that we can all be safe and healthy.

In conclusion, I take this opportunity to highlight some of the activities planned for this week:

  • On Sunday, May 13, staff of the PWD will worship at the Rivers of Living Water Christian Centre, at Lime Kiln.
  • On Monday, May 14, staff will engage in an exchange with their counterparts from the Nevis Public Works Department.
  • On Tuesday, May 15, staff will have the opportunity to get their health checked by the Windsor University School of Medicine.
  • There will also be an open day for schools in order to showcase the careers that are available in the field of public works, and to make contributions to past workers.
  • The week will climax with a visit to Montserrat by staff of the PWD during the whit-weekend.

It now therefore gives me great pleasure to officially declare Public Works Week 2018 open and to wish all of my colleagues a successful week of activities. May it please you, my fellow citizens and residents, and may God continue to bless our beautiful Federation of St. Kitts and Nevis.

I thank you.