Hon. Eugene Hamilton Minister of Housing

By Staff Writer

With the government expected to begin construction work on homes under its $30 million housing plan in September, it is putting up systems to ensure those homes are built of a high quality.

This followed the announcement made by Minister of Housing the Hon. Eugene Hamilton that his Ministry recently found several delinquencies in the way houses were constructed under government programs.

According to the Minister, there was a lack of care exercised by contractors in the way they constructed homes, thus forcing the government to employ the services of Warren Thompson, to ensure that there is no repeat of such problems.

“What we have done in team Unity is, that we have appointed a quantity surveyor, who is also an engineer. He is providing support services to NHC,” the Minister said at their August 11, 2016 town hall meeting.

The engineer will render his expertise in several areas according to Minister Hamilton, in helping the government to reduce the cost of constructing the houses.

Mr. Hamilton said that Thompson’s work with the National Housing Corporation has already borne fruit, since the government has been made aware of “where all of the leakages have been taking place and we have put a stop to it”.

Additionally, the engineer will ensure that there is adequate monitoring of construction sites, so as to ensure that works are done properly.

“We hope going forward that by the addition of this engineer/quantity surveyor to support NHC that the problems and challenges that the people are facing after construction will be reduced significantly, and if possibly totally,” he said.

Thompson has a number of regional and international experience as he undertook work with a number of leading institutions, including the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB).