By Lesroy W. Williams

Observer Reporter

(Molineux Site, St.Kitts)—The Molineux Primary School held their 2008 graduation ceremony on Monday July 7 at the Holy Family Catholic Church in Molineux under the theme: “Seizing Today’s Opportunity for Tomorrow’s Success”. Sixteen students will move on to the Cayon Secondary School.

Friends and relatives gathered at the Church in support of the graduating class who was closing one chapter in their lives and opening another.

The names of those in the graduating class were Raimon Browne, Chris Davis, Kivaun Isaac, Kion Matthew, Stayfield Pryce, Walter Tyson Jr, Brandon Hodge, Michael Jonis, Tevrehn Bedford, Ezrah Brandy, Faith Hodge, Khivaunna Isaac, Krislee Martin, Sabine Matthew, Tatyana Richards and Tekkenya Richards.

Ms. Joycelyn Mitcham, Head Teacher of the Molineux Primary School, in her report reminded those in attendance of the role of social institutions.

“All social institutions vastly impact the lifestyle of persons thus encouraging their choices, behaviours and attitudes that they may tend to adapt. Therefore, it is quite imperative that various facets of society work harmoniously to ensure the true actualization of its members. Today we at Molineux Primary School have made a decisive step in that direction,” Ms. Mitcham said.

She continued by saying that the graduation ceremony was not only an exercise to publicize their achievements and successes for the academic year but an attempt to bridge the gap between school and community.

The Molineux Primary School has a student body of 137 persons, 61 girls and 76 boys. There are 10 teachers on staff. In addition there are 2 lifeguards, 1 bathroom cleaner, 2 kitchen servers, 1 traffic warden and 1 security guard.

The Hon. Sam Condor, Minister of Education, in his remarks spoke about the important role that teachers play.

“You are encouraged not to relax your efforts but to continue to demonstrate the fortitude and commitment required to improve teacher quality and enhance the profession,” he remarked.

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Mr. Condor reminded the parents of the important role that their children should play in their lives. Children should be the number one priority of parents he said.

“Big school ain’t easy and they are going to need your full support in making sure that they do well in secondary school,” he said. “Success is only assured through perseverance and hard work and time lost can never be regained.”

Mr. Lionel Thomas, educator and teacher at the Washington Archibald High School, and past student of the Molineux Primary School, gave the feature address.

In his address he told the students that now is a good time to do something so that they can reach their future goal.

“High School is the time for a new start. Now is a good time to use the opportunity available to you to develop your skills,” he told the graduating class. “Winners are those who stay in the race, those who persevere and do their best.”

He reminded the students of the importance of doing voluntary work and encouraged them to get involved in sports and computer training. He underscored that sports help to develop a healthy life and that many educational opportunities are available through sports.

At the presentation of certificates and prizes it was well noted that all of the graduands excelled in their test of standard, some more than others.

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Kivaun Isaac was 1st in Science and 2nd in Math. He was awarded the Head Teacher’s Award for most improved student and the Clifford Thomas Award for best Science student.

Walter Tyson, the valedictorian and most outstanding boy overall, was 1st in Math and English and 2nd in Social Studies and Science. He was awarded the Clifford Thomas Award for best Math student and the George Richards Award for best boy overall.

Michael Jonis was 1st in Social Studies and 2nd in Science. He was also the most helpful.

Tatyana Richards, the most outstanding girl overall, was 2nd in English and Math. She received the George Richards Award for most outstanding girl overall.

Kivaun and Khivaunna Isaac were adjudged victors in sports overall for their athletic prowess.

Of the 16 students, 5 will enter 1A1 and 4 will enter 1A2. The rest will be distributed across the board.

A saying by Arie Pencovici in the graduation program read: “Graduation is only a concept. In real life every day you graduate. Graduation is a process that goes on until the last day of your life. If you can grasp that, you’ll make a difference”.