Mr. Hype. file photo

By Loshaun Dixon

Basseterre, St. Kitts –Defending Power Soca Champion Mr. Hype is confident of retaining his title at the Soca Monarch competition for Sugar Mas 45 with his popular tune ‘Join Her’ already making waves in St. Kitts and Nevis.

In an interview with The Observer, the soca artiste expressed confidence that he will walk away with his third power crown in four years on Christmas Eve when the Soca Monarch Finals are held.

“I am always confident when it comes to that because I have a really good team,” he said. “We always sit and study the criteria and in writing and putting the music together. We make sure we take into consideration the areas of the criteria that would allow us to score highly.

“Once we follow that and bring it when it comes to performance, I am confident without a doubt we will retain the crown.” Mr. Hype is a two time Power Soca winner.

Mr Hype, whose real name is Bjorn Bassue, also revealed how his preparation for Sugar Mas 45 is was progressing.

“I have no issues whatsoever and everything is going as planned,” he said. ” It’s a bit tiring sometimes but you get out what you put in and everything for me is really going smooth.”

He gave some insight to his song named ‘Join Her’ and compared it to music he has released in the past.

“It is similar music that I normally produce every year,” he said.  “t is funny, exciting but it stays within the realms of what makes soca music what it is. The song is basically about me being asked not to be a part of carnival and basically sitting this one out but I refused because of this new female friend that I have that goes to all of the fetes. In my response I am basically telling my mother and everybody else everywhere she goes I want to be there with her.”.

The song is a play on the phrase ‘I want to join her’ when said in dialect could be mistaken for a sexual term.

Mr. Hype also gave insight into the feedback he has been getting since the song was released.

“People have been loving it,” he said..”I would assume they are critics out there because everybody has their preferences. But I have been getting a lot of positive feedback that a lot of people really enjoy it and they can’t wait to see the performance for the finals or the music video.”

As for the carnival calendar, he said, he expects ‘even more hype and more excitement. There is always some big element of surprise and a lot of fun and a performance that people would love and appreciate.”