The Medical University of the America’s and the Nevis Island Administration are encouraging young person to come out today February 2 to their open day for the upcoming MUA/NIA scholarship 2018/2019 aimed at encouraging young people into a career in medicine or science.

The scholarship program now in its seventh year has contributed more than US$600,000 in scholarships to 14 recipients. Two recipients will be awarded the scholarship towards the pursuit of undergraduate studies which lead to a degree at an accredited higher learning institution. Each recipient receives US $22,000 per year.

Giving remarks at a press conference on Thursday at the Ministry of Finance conference room, past scholarship recipient Ariel Wilkinson said that the scholarship was a lifesaver. “It was a struggle to find persons to stand with me for a loan since my aunt who took on the responsibility of raising me after the passing of my mom was already on two loans out of the five children she had to raise.

“I felt discouraged about the possibility going to further my education until I heard about the MUA/NIA scholarship,” he said.

She said that the benefits of the program covered her airfare to Jamaica where she studied at the UWI Mona campus, and her tuition and housing cost. “Nichole Slack-Liburd (Permanent Secretary in Health) made numerous checkups and gave encouraging words. It felt good to know that other persons out there were concerned. I lived comfortably and I was able to focus on my higher education without the stress of money problems,” she said.

She said that the scholarship was used to earn a Bachelor of Science in biology Education.
Also giving brief remarks was Junior Minister in Health hon. Hazel Brandy-Williams. She said that over the year MUA has helped the NIA in making scholarships available to young persons in the area of medical science. She thanked the school for providing the scholarship and encourage person to take advantage of the scholarship.

“Once you access a scholarship of this nature you can rest assure and study in comfort,” she said.
The open day event will begin at 1 m to 5pm at the Memorial square in Charlestown. The event will be hosted by the scholarship committee and they will be on hand to offer advice and information on the application process.