Basseterre, St. Kitts – Music promoter Lexi Brooks has made a donation of hundreds of pieces of school supplies to the Dieppe Bay Primary School, a school she adopted almost a decade ago.

A member of VIP Connected Entertainment, Brooks is responsible for bringing artiste to St. Kitts for the St. Kitts Music Festival and other events. She said that education is very important to her, giving some background into how she came to adopt the Dieppe Bay Primary School.

“I met a young girl about nine years ago and she asked me if I was coming to school,” Brooks said. “And I told her that I graduated a long time ago. [Then] I asked my friend, Cecilia, what school did she go to and she said Dieppe Bay.” Brooks visited the school and since then has does so often, making donations.

Brooks described the children of the schools as fantastic and spoke to what giving to the schools means to her.

“This is the highlight of everything I do and it means so much to me,” she said. “Giving back is something I will always do. Dieppe Bay Primary School will also be a part of my thought process while I am here in St. Kitts.”

She said that her donations have been mainly those of school supplies to the students, as well as some monetary donations.

“One point during a concert, we did a small monetary donation and also during one of [the school’s] Christmas events we donated some Christmas lights as well,” Brooks said. “This year, we are giving some school supplies. There are [more than] 100 students and my goal is to make sure that each and every student gets a pack with pencils, along with other items [for school].”

She further disclosed that in September she plans to make a second donation to the school and also to one of the other schools in the form of books, bags and similar items.

Speaking to the students of the school, Brooks highlighted to them the importance of giving back and the reasons behind why she has been so grateful to the school.

“When someone comes into your home, they are not just supposed to come and take your food and water, but [to] think of how they can give back to somebody,” she said. “Dieppe Bay Primary is very special to me and I do think about you all the time. I will always come back whenever I can to donate to your school.”

Brooks then engaged the students with various challenges such as singing, asking random questions and presenting them with gifts for their participation.

She also spoke about her foundation and the work it does throughout the Caribbean.

“We have a foundation – Caribbean All Star Students – where we run essay competitions in the schools around the Caribbean and we pick the best four written essays from primary and secondary students,” she said. “We got the first set of students [who] won the competition [United States] visas and gave them an all-expense paid trip to New York.”

Brooks also made a monetary donation to the principal of the school to organize a pizza party for the students on the final day of school this term. In accepting the donation, Principal Jacqueline Douglas thanked Brooks for her contribution, saying that she hopes it will inspire the students to work harder and focus more during their studies.

“We want to thank you again for coming and for remembering us,” Douglas said. “And we are promising that we are going to work harder to make you proud, so that when you come again, we can get some more.”

The students showed their appreciation for the donation by singing “thanks, thanks I give you thanks” to Brooks.