By Trisha La Place

The Observer

The Department of Maritime Affairs has detained the MV Mark Twain for failing to pass safety inspections.

According to a media release from the department on Wednesday July 27 the Maritime Affairs carried out an inspection on the MV Mark Twain.

The release stated that like any other vessel in the federation the Mark Twain was inspected by three Maritime officials in order to be permitted to travel with passengers.

“In doing this it was detected that of the thirty safety deficiencies put in place by this department fourteen which includes life saving and fire fighting formats were not present,” the release stated.

These deficiencies were then noted and brought to the attention of the vessel’s owner as a prior warning to get this matter immediately rectified or the boat would be detained by the Maritime Department.

Two months later, on Oct. 5, the department again inspected the vessel. According to the release the inspection was to ensure that all of the outstanding safety deficiencies were rectified.

“After carefully examining the vessel it was detected that the boat was still not fit to make various departures between the twin island federation of St. Kitts and Nevis,” the release stated. “The Department of Maritime Affairs took it upon themselves to detain the MV Mark Twain until all the safety deficiencies are rectified and fit for travelling.”

Director of Maritime Affairs, McClean Hobson, said he would not comment further on the matter.