A police manhunt is underway in Nevis for the killer of Japheth Brown, the eighth murder victim this year on the island.

Brown, of Brick Klin, according to police on the scene, was shot in the face around 10 a.m. At Hull Ground, Gingerland.

Screaming and crying could have be heard at the murder scene Thursday as distraught family members including his parents, sisters, brothers and his girlfriend witnessed their loved one laying in a pool of blood shortly after the incident.

Upon arrival the Observer noted the body of Brown lying on the ground and a number of police officer combing the scene. Dr. Shandy Jacob pronounced the young man dead on the scene and the body was transported to the Alexandra Hospital pending an autopsy to determine cause of death.

Police are currently investigating and no one has been taken into custody

Brown violent death followed LeonGumbs, RandellChapma, Morella Webbe, Shariff Williams, Elvis Lawrence, Lydia Jacobs Lincoln “Bongo” Liburd who all became victims of gun violence.