Nevis Archery Association preparing for next year’s competition

By Monique Washington

The Nevis Archery Association is currently gearing up for a series of regional and local competition in early 2017.

Founder of the Nevis Archery Association, Pam Barry in speaking with the Observer on Thursday, revealed that plans are underway to have archery competition in Nevis  early in the new year and in April compete for the fourth consecutive year in the Southern Caribbean Archery competition to be held in Martinique. Islands such as Martinique, Guadeloupe, Trinidad and Tobago ,  Antigua and Nevis will compete

In March the Nevis Archery association will participate in the Southern Caribbean Archery Competition. It won seven medals just two weeks ago, on Dec. 17- 18 when a friendly competition was held on Nevis between Nevis archery association and British Virgin Island Archery Association in a competition dubbed NevTor(Nevis Tortola) Challenge Cup.

Though Nevis hosted the competition the BVI was successful in capturing the championship. This was the first competition Nevis Archery Association has hosted since the association was launched in

The two teams competed in four categories among them shoot distances of 15, 30 meters, federal 50 meters and field shoots along a bushy trail that leads to a heritage site, Mount Travers in Nevis.

When asked on the amount of Archers that are a part of the association. Barry noted that “it keeps changing, but this group with five young people that are very interested in in trying to compete this April”.

In addition to the Nevis archery Barry hopes that an archery group can be established in St. Kitts as well.

“We  wish St Kitts will start a club. That is something that we are trying to encourage. I think that there are people there that have bow and arrow but they don’t have a club. No one is teaching young people how to do it and that is what we are working on. We are thinking that St Kitts and Nevis can band together and host (Southern Caribbean Competition) it in a couple years,” she said.

She explained that joining the association is very easy.

“We meet twice a week on Tuesday and on Saturday at the archery range in bath village. Persons can stop by and talk to me or they can call me at my cell 269 2274 or 6615407. Membership is only $50 every three months,” she concluded


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