Nevis Drag Racing Commences For 2017

 Sunday's Drag Meet

Police Presence To Discourage Ensuing Accidents

By S. Williams 

March Madness, the first Drag Meet for 2017, took place on Sunday, March 12, at the St. James Drag Track in Nevis and had a total of zero accidents following the meet.

This was revealed by newly appointed Drag Racing Co-ordinator in the Department of Sports, Javon Richards, who said this year police got involved to eliminate road accidents that sometimes occur after a meet.

“What normally happens is that the drag race event is so hyped that everyone leaves the track hyped and wild. So we have a plan for that. We will try to get some police present on the main roads around the regions where the accidents normally take place. Where there are some straight roads, we’re going to have their presence there and that should deter the guys, hopefully,” he said.

The previous drag meet which took place Dec. 11, 2016, was followed by a car accident that same night, resulting in several injuries. Besides police presence, Mr. Richards also noted that announcements will be made during the meet to remind persons to be cautious on the roads on the way home and that there is no need for speed.

Sunday’s event took place on the same day as day 2 of the Inter-Secondary Schools Sports due to an error in planning the 2017 calendar. It had a respectable turn-out although Richards noted itl could have been better. Additionally, instead of a competition where a final winner was declared, Sunday’s meet took the format of a Grudge Fest, where racers could bet and challenge others who they wanted to race against on the track.

While this first drag meet was local, there are on average 5 – 6 meets per year and the next scheduled meet ‘Wind-Fest International Drag Racing’ will take place June 5. It will be open to drivers from other countries who come Nevis to compete.

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