Gadget Show Host to Run Annual Nevis Triathalon

Former UK Gadget Show Host Jason Bradbury, along with his family, will headline the 16th annual Nevis Triathlon Saturday (November 11) , an event which again has generated international participation.

Bradbury announced last month “We’re going to the island of Nevis in the Caribbean during our tour, where Marnie (his 12-year-old daughter) will be doing her first-ever triathlon there in November. Running 2k is quite a big deal for Marnie, so I’m really proud that she’s even attempting to do it. My 10-year-old son Jackson will bite it off and spit it out!,” he said.

Bradbury said Marnie had recently recovered from juvenile idiopathic arthritis, “and making her as strong as possible, putting her on a wholesome diet, has changed our entire family’s ethos. If you’ve got the choice, you want to explore healthier climes, and that’s what this [world tour] is all about.”

Chief Executive Officer of the Tourism Authority Greg Phillip noted how thrilled they were to have Bradbury and his entire family partake in Nevis’ Triathlon.

Last year Ross Edgley of the UK participated in the triathlon with a log on his back.
CEO Phillip in speaking with the Observer on Thursday said that the event will have three races.

The Try-a-Tri which targets beginners and children, the Nevis 37 “which is more like a sprint” he said, and includes a 500 meter swim, a bike race to Four Seasons and back into Charlestown and concludes with a 5 kilometer run and finally the Nevis 73 which include 1000 meter swim, 62 kilometer or twice around the island bike race and a 10 kilometer run. The event begins at 7 am in Charlestown.

Phillip noted that a number of young local persons have shown interest and will be participating in the Try-a-Tri race. He said that this year registration has dropped due to a number of factors, two of which is the cost of regional travel and the second is the two hurricanes that devastated the region in September.

The Triathlon he said has “brought some usefulness to Nevis. We have used it as a Tourism product and have market Nevis as a destination.”

“The winner of the event will receive a beautiful stone trophy and of course bragging rights,” he said.
Phillips said that he is unsure on the final number of participants as registration will remain opened until 6 am the morning of the race.