Nevisians To Benefit From New State-Of-The-Art Private Medical Facility

Facilities at Rejunoviva

By S. Williams

Instead of flying out to see specialists, Nevisians will soon have the option of doing certain surgeries on their home soil and having the specialists come to them.

This is according to Dr. Tyrone Gill, founder and visionary behind the Rejunoviva Medical Clinic located in the new social security building at Pinneys. The clinic, which was scheduled to have opened last Saturday, is hoped to be open to the public by the end of February 2017.

“We were supposed to have the official opening on the 21st January and that is why those visiting doctors came in from the US based on that date. It was the first time most of them were coming to the island except for one who has been here before, but there has been some setbacks that is out of my control,” Dr. Gill stated.

Dr. Gills, alongside his wife, is one of the specialist doctors who will make their services available at the clinic. The services to be offered include urology, neurosurgery, cardiology, vascular surgery, cathartic surgery, dermatology and plastic surgery, with the possibility being considered of also offering ophthalmology, pediatrics and gastroenterology.

Construction for the clinic began last September and according to Dr. Gill the facility has had the assistance and support from the Ministry of Health and also other members have facilitated with assistance in certain places.

When questioned about the clinic being aimed primarily at medical tourism, Dr. Gills had this to say.

“I am a local so I can’t leave the local people out. The whole idea of me doing the clinic is that when you sit down and you realize that most people will have to fly out to a neighboring island, Canada or wherever in the US to get certain surgeries done. Now my whole idea is to have that reversed so that rather than we flying out to their country, they will come to our country. So its like saying rather than having the ship come to the harbor, we going to put it around and have the harbor go to the ship.

So that’s the whole idea that we are trying to do, to give people health care security so that there isn’t a need to have to running elsewhere. Because sometimes you run elsewhere and it’s not guaranteed that you will get the best help. And then you pay all these fees, because when you take it into consideration you will pay for a plane ticket, for you and two family members plus accommodation, food and everything else and you haven’t even talked about the surgery as yet, so you’re talking about a lot of money.

So we would now have a facility here where doctors can come and you’ll get the same quality of service done as if you are away. So that’s the idea which is why it’s not just catering to just one set of people. It’s locals as well as who else wants to come.”

The Rejunoviva Medical Clinic will be the first of its kind on the island of Nevis in terms of a private enterprise offering such a wide range of the services in one facility.


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