By Jaedee Caines

The Observer

More than 30 Nevisians departed the Robert Llewelyn Bradshaw International Airport on Cubana Airlines for Cuba to receive eye surgeries during September.

After spending several days in Cuba Nevisians returned home pleased with both the great eye-care and the hospitality they received.

This journey to Cuba was a follow-up to the August 29th to September 2nd sessions conducted at the clinics and police station on Nevis by Cuban doctors. A Cuba-Venezuela corporation came up with the idea of administering eye-care to persons in the Caribbean while the Venezuelan government provided the funding for the entire exercise.

Kingsley Elliott of the Ministry of Health (Nevis) told the Observer this was the first time this project had taken place. He said, “Patients were examined and asked to complete the necessary documents then later contacted about going to Cuba for surgery on their eyes.”

John Cornelius of Prospect and Eulyn Weekes of Hamilton were two of the many Nevisians who participated in the exercise. They were satisfied with their eye surgeries. “I spent 17 days in Cuba. The service was well and everything was taken care of, everything was free,” said Cornelius. “I too was pleased with the service and care I received,” said Weekes.

Cornelius told the Observer, “I was disappointed however, to hear the negative comments the general public made about Cuba when I returned.” “The rumours are not at all true and I would encourage anyone to go to Cuba any day.” When asked what some of the rumours were that he heard about Cuba Cornelius told the Observer he had heard that the food in Cuba was poor, they stayed on the island under poor conditions and they were treated badly while in Cuba.