The Nevis Electricity Company domestic customers will, for the next two months see a reduction in their electricity bills according to the Acting General Manager of the company Jervan Swanston.

The announcement came Tuesday during an update on the power station and the electrical upgrade at the plant.

“In light of the recent instability of the generation and distribution of electricity on the island, our domestic customers will see a reduction in their electricity bills for the next two months,” Swanston said.

He however did not inform as to how much of a reduction will be seen on the next couple of bills.

The power station most recently had been affected by some of its generators not performing at their full capacity. The sole power station on Nevis is home for nine different generator units, age ranging from 34 years to a couple of weeks old.

The newest generator, the 3.85 Megawatt Wartsila arrived on the island on June 27 and underwent months of testing before being declared officially open for power production. On September 12 to officially commissioning of the generator took place at the power plant in Prospect. The new 3.85 Megawatt Wartsila however  cannot  carry the Nevis base load which is six megawatts and at peak its nine megawatts. The new generator is only 3.85 megawatts and cannot run by itself.

Swanston noted that electrical upgrade has been completed on Engine # 8, the older Wӓrtsilӓ, “making it compatible to the new technology and operating systems now employed by Wӓrtsilӓ and has been running in test mode since Friday of last week. Once back on line the much needed relief will be realized.”

The second upgrade which involved both of the Wӓrtsilӓ units took place yesterday. This upgrade was to allow for the changing of the DC batteries of the old Wӓrtsilӓ and the electrical modification of all gauges.

“The older units at the plant, although operating at reduced capacity, have been providing the additional power that is necessary to keep the grid stable”.

There has been no official date as to when all upgrades will be completed.