With the announcement of another planned power outage Aug. 8, acting manager Jervan Swanston said in a statement that the installment of the recently purchased 3.85 megawatt engine will be completed by Aug. 23, with a commission date of Aug. 28.

This announcement reinforces the message of patience being broadcast by NEVLEC in response to the recent spat of power outages across the island of Nevis.

As part of his statement, Swanston stressed the idea that the installation process is still on-going and customers can expect power outages to continue until the handing-over date of Aug. 23. This is the second planned power outage that has occurred during the transformation period, as well as numerous unplanned outages, which NEVLEC says are all also a part of the ongoing power conversion.

“Let me also take this opportunity to sincerely apologise for the recent state of power outages,” Swanston said. “This of course, was beyond our control or any measure that we could have mitigated against.”

The first planned outage on July 23 was for the installation of all modified works associated with the new engine, as well as the beginning of the testing period for the new generator, according to NEVLEC. This most recent occurrence was to establish a connection between the new engine and the power grid to prepare for the handing over date.

“It is important to understand that this is not the end of the installation process,” Swanston said. “There are going to be amounts of power outages going toward the handing-over date.

With the recent rumblings by opposition members about the state of power outages, this issue is quickly turning into a partisan one. Swanston and NEVLEC have established that they are doing everything in their power to facilitate this transition and not much else can be done before the turning over date.

“With regards to the recent states of power outages, we have to make mention of the hard-working staff,” Swanston concluded. “Especially those at the Generation and Emergency Service Departments, who have been making every effort and working overtime to ensure that power is restored to normalcy in the shortest possible time.”

NEVLEC has stressed patience until the new generator’s connection is fully established, and that date should mark the ending of the frequent current lapses.