By Monique Washington

The power outages in Nevis may soon be repaired after two new generators are installed at the Nevis Electricity Company Ltd. (NEVLEC).

Power outages began three months ago and parts of the island are still experiencing electric outages for long periods of time. In a previous interview with Jervan Swanston, Nevis Electric manager, he assured The Observer that the problem would be fixed in “short order.” At that time, Swanston explained that the problem was caused by unforeseen technical problems which knocked out one generator, while the second generator urgently needed maintenance.

On Wednesday, Hon. Alexis Jeffers, Communications Minister, told the Observer that $5 million has been received from the Sugar Industry Diversification Foundation as a deposit for two generators. One generator is being shipped to Nevis. Jeffers admitted NEVLEC has had difficulties with providing a steady flow of electricity. He explained that the generators now being used may have served their purpose. He said the new generator will fix the outage problems.

“The generator should be have been shipped by now and should be here in a couple of days,” Jeffers said. “The first unit is a 2.5 megawatt Wartsila generator.”

Jeffers indicated both generator should be up and running before the tourist season to provide a stable supply of electricity.

“During the peak of the tourism season when all the hotels reopen, the two generators will be able to supply the all the needed electricity,” Jeffers explained.

When asked about additional power received from the Windfarm, Jeffers said the government only pays for what is used. “If no wind is blowing, the turbines will not spin, so we wouldn’t have to pay for energy that we are not using” he said.

Jeffers explained the wind farm cannot supply energy 24-hours-a-day to the grid, because power is only generated when high winds blow.