The hand of friendship is what Nevis’ new Premier Hon Mark Brantley has extended to the leader of the Nevis Reformation Party Hon Joseph Parry in an attempt to move Nevis forward.

On Sunday (December 24) during his inauguration address at Elquemedo T. Willet Park in Charlestown Premier Brantley said that “as your Premier, it is for me to set the tone for our island going forward. In so doing, I extend the hand of friendship to the Honorable Joseph Parry and the Nevis Reformation Party (NRP) and welcome them to join hands with our team to move Nevis forward.”

“The CCM is a great party with a stellar record of achievements for the people of Nevis but we would be foolish to believe that we have a monopoly on ideas. Let us not forget that whilst we won the election, thousands of our fellow voters voted for the NRP. We must reach out to those thousands and welcome them to the tent of governance now for Nevis.”

He reminded the audience that there is no blue island or a green island but rather “we have only one beloved Nevis to which each and every one of us must dedicate our efforts individually and collectively if we are to succeed.”

A number of attempts to contact Parry for a comment but all attempts were unsuccessful.

During the inauguration the elected Ministers and appointed Junior ministers were given the portfolios of responsibilities in the Nevis Island Assembly..

The inauguration follows the Dec. 18 Nevis Island Assembly elections, where the Concerned Citizens Movement won four out of five seats against the opposition, the Nevis Reformation.

The four elected ministers and two junior ministers took the Oath of Office, the Oath of Secrecy and the Oath of Allegiance. “We have been afforded the privilege to so gather because you the people in free and fair elections conducted on December 18, 2017 voted overwhelmingly for the candidates of the Concerned Citizens Movement (CCM) Party which I am privileged to lead,” Brantley said.

The new Premier of Nevis will be taking on 12 ministries four more than the former Premier Vance Amory following the December 18th Nevis Island Assembly Elections.

Prior to the last election Premier Vance Amory held responsibility for Finance, Statistics, Economic Planning, Education, Human Resources, Trade, Industry and Consumer Affairs, while his deputy at the time Mark Brantley held responsibility for Tourism, Health, Gender, Social Affairs, Social Development, Youth, Sports, Community Development and Culture Telecommunications, Information.

The Premier’s responsibilities are that of Finance, Statistics, Economic Planning, Education, Library Services, Human Resources, Industry, Trade and Consumer Affairs, Health, Tourism and Information Technology, Public utilities and Energy, and Foreign investment.

Deputy Premier the Hon. Alexis Jeffers continues his responsibilities as minister of Agriculture, Land and Housing, Cooperatives and Fisheries, Natural Resources and the addition of Disaster Management.

Newcomer the Hon. Eric Evelyn has been given responsibilities in Culture, Youth, Sports, Community Development, Telecommunications and Information, while another newcomer the Hon. Spencer Brand has been given responsibilities in Labour, Public Works, Physical Planning, Post and the Environment.

Junior Minister the Hon. Troy Liburd has been given new responsibilities in Education, Library Services and Technology compared to his last post as minister responsible for Communications, Works and Public Utilities, Posts, Physical Planning, Natural Resources and Environment with special responsibility for Public Utilities, Public Works, Posts, Physical Planning, Flood, Water Control and Environment.

Junior Minister the Hon. Hazel Brandy Williams has continues her responsibilities Gender Affairs with the addition of Health.