By Monique Washington

The Ministry of Social Development along with the Nevis Historic and Conservation Society will once again be awarding four students from the Gingerland and Charlestown secondary  Schools in Nevis a five year Alexander Hamilton  Scholarship.

The scholarships will be handed out at the NHCS annual Tea Party which will mark Alexander Hamilton’s 260th birthday on Jan. 11, 2017.  The birthday will also be celebrated in New York.

The Hon. Premier Vance Amory on Jan. 11 will lead a delegation of dignitaries in a flag-raising ceremony at Bowling Green Park in the heart of the Wall Street Financial District. The St. Kitts-Nevis flag will be unfurled by representatives of the U.S. Coast Guard which was established by Hamilton

The Main event of the week will be the wreath-laying ceremony at the gravesite of Hamilton, located in the courtyard of the historic Trinity Church. At this event the Premier will also deliver remarks in memory of his fellow Nevisian. Two days prior, Mr. Amory will deliver the keynote address before the Mayor and Members of the City Council of Jersey City.

The scholarship is given every year to deserving students in first form. Awardees are chosen by the guidance counsellors of both schools.

Recipients of the award must volunteer 50 hours to community service in a year and must maintain good grades. There are 15 students who are currently receiving the scholarship. 2016 awardees were Beyonce James and Thyreece Daniel of the Charlestown Secondary School and Donte DaCosta and Bquanya Lanns of the Gingerland Secondary School.

The fund was established in 1966 by the Trott family to assist deserving students at the secondary school level, with uniforms, fees and school supplies. The fund is administered by the Ministry of Social Development in collaboration with NHCS. Tickets are being sold at the Alexander Hamilton Museum.

During the ceremony, there will be cultural presentations, speeches and guest speaker Anika Ferguson who just graduated the Gingerland Secondary School with 11 distinctions for the CSEC.