Nevis voters will head to the polls December 18thto elect a new island assembly from which a new island administrationwould be chosen.

The ceremonial big blue bell has rung, and the Governor General Sir Tapley Seaton has been advised todissolve the Nevis Island Assembly asthe date for the next Nevis Island AssemblyElection has been set, for Monday December 18th2017.

Premier of Nevis Hon Vance Amory made the public announcement of the date for election, The Premier made the announcement last night (November 30) during a massive CCM partypublicmeeting held at Church Ground,Nevis.“Having discussed with the leader and his team, nomination day will be the 11thday of December, and the day to conduct the polls… election day for the Nevis Island Assembly to elect your new Premier your new government led byMark Brantleyand his team will be December 18,” Amory announced.

Nomination day will be held on December 11thand Nevisians will vote one week later.
Both the ruling Concerned CitizensMovementand the opposition Nevis Reformation Party are expected to field a full slate of 5 candidates each.

The ruling CCM, will formally nominatedEric Evelyn, in St. George, Mark Brantley in St. John, Spencer Brand in St. Paul, Keith Scarborough in St. Thomas and Alexis Jeffers in St. James.

The NRP will formally nominateJoseph Parry, for St. Thomas, Hensley Daniel for St. John, Robelto Hector for St. Paul and Virgil Browne for the St. James constituency.