The Nevis Island Administration, NIA has launched its new and improved website that will make the government’s information more accessible and usable.

The is now full interactive website. It features a full list of government ministers, juniors ministers, permanent secretaries and directors placed on the site along with their contact information.

Policies and rules can also be found on the site. The site will now allow persons wishing to renew or apply for certain permits to do it online.

Junior Minister of Information Technology Troy Liburd commended the Director and staff of the Information Technology department. “It’s my hope is that the general public will see this as an opportunity and would take every advantage of the new website and all that it has to offer,” Liburd said.

On April 24 the Nevis Freedom of Information Ordinance, 2018 was read for the first time. This ordinance will give members of the public a general right of access to official documents of public authorities subject to limited exceptions and for matters thereto.

According Premier Mark Brantley “the launch of our website pushes the freedom of information agenda. It advances the government’s prod closure culture. With this new website all Nevisians will receive maximum practical access to public information.”

Brantley said that the new website will help persons to understand that government is “much bigger” than its parliamentarians and its bureaucrats. Continuing he said that the site will have the ability to draw persons closer to government and make them more intimate with the government’s policies , projects rules, and regulations.

“The launch of this website also means that the government’s information will be retained and proactively be made available in expectation to the public’s demands,” he said.

He said that the launch of the site signifies and gives credence to the idea that the NIA has embraced the information revolution and is advancing in the culture of disclosure of information. He added that it will now make governments information more accessible and more usable.

Brantley said that this Government will get rid of the “phobia” of “exposing ourselves to unwarranted criticism and unwanted scrutiny” and will allow persons to have the right public information.

“The launch of this website is to be geared towards open transparent government and to improve the way as we as a government operates. It marks a giant step in the government’s effort to promote both efficiency and transparency,” Brantley said.