Immediate repairs have been undertaken by the Nevis Island Administration to repair lands that have been impacted by erosion in close proximity to the Vance Amory International Airport in New Castle.

The Honourable Alexis Jeffers, representative of St. James, said that the erosion has impacted the landing lights at the airport.

“Over the years, we had some erosion and the sea would have taken most of the earth work away,” he said. “If we did not do it, we would jeopardize the operations of this airport. We have some shoreline erosion on the western end of the runway and we are undertaking some remedial action to prevent further erosion to protect the approach lights and landing lights at the western side.”

Trucks have been carrying in large boulders to the area in an effort to keep the sea away from the land. Jeffers said the small project will be completed in a week.

“We started Tuesday and would want it to be completed by next week,” he said. “We added large boulders and some smaller stones will be placed among the larger boulders in an effort to tie them together. Then it will be decked with top soil to regrow grass.”

Jeffers pointed out the project will enhance the area’s natural beauty.

“[People] can come here and park and have a drink or just come to relax and watch the ocean,” he said. “We are enhancing the area and, in the process, providing the protection that is necessary to ensure that we do not lose anymore of land [to ensure] the airport itself will not be impacted negatively as a result of losing any of these landing lights.”