9 Kaisonians to face King Dis N Dat in August

One of the largest number of registered Kaisonians for the 43rd staging of Nevis’ Culturama will this year bypass the elimination process.

Culturama 43 will be held under the theme “Our Festival. Our Legacy. Culturama 43” and will run from July 27-Aug. 8.

Nearly 20 Kaisonians registered for the Culturama Senior Kaiso Competition have all bypassed eliminations and will be competing in the semifinals scheduled for July 15. The announcement came on June 24 from executive director of the Culturama Festival and chairman of Culturama, Antonio “Abo” Liburd. During a discussion with the Observer Tuesday, Liburd gave the reasons why they have decided to exclude the elimination process and his reasons for the increase in registration.

“In the past, participation from calypsonians is not what it is supposed to be,” he said. “Since we have a renewed interest from the participants, we wanted to give the calypsonians, especially those from the community festival, an opportunity to perform on the big stage to perform alongside the seasoned calypsonians who have been around for a very long time”.

He said by doing this, the eliminations have been taken out and all those registered will be able to perform at Kaiso tents and semi-finals.

He noted that community festivals held throughout Nevis late last year and this year helped to boost the interest in calypso. The St. Thomas Festival, Gingerama and the recently concluded Winfest all had calypso competitions as part of their festivals. He added that this year the show will be renamed “Culturama 43 Senior Kaiso Fiesta.”

Traditionally, the Kaisonians would have completed in an eliminations process where they would be judged on one song, then 12 Kaisonians would be chosen for the semifinals and judged on two songs. After the semifinals, seven would be chosen to compete against the reigning king.

Liburd further stated that for the Culturama 43 Senior Kaiso Fiesta, Kaisonians will be asked to perform one song compared to two songs. The number of Kaisonians will be reduced to nine finalisst chosen by judges, compared to seven in past years, to compete in the finals.

“This year for the Senior Kaiso finals there will be 10 finalists, including the reigning king, Keith ‘Dis n Dat’ Scarborough,” Liburd said.

The first two Calypso tents will be held this weekend. The semi-finals will be held at the Cultural Village at 8 p.m. July 15. The Senior Kaiso Fiesta will be held at 9 p.m. Aug. 5 at the Cultural Center.