Recent aerial Shot of Mondo Track

By S. Williams

The much talked about IAAF certified Mondo all weather athletics track currently under construction at Long Pointe in Nevis will not be the venue of this year’s Inter-Primary Schools Athletics to be hosted on Wednesday, April 5.

The announcement was made by Premier of Nevis the Hon.Vance Amory after several weeks of consultations with technical persons, sports personnel and a final meeting with school principals which took place at the Ministry of Education on Thursday, March 9.

“After much discussion we have decided to advice the general populace and to say to the schools that the Inter-Primary would be held again at the ETW,” Minister Amory reported.

“The logistics of having the track completed and having the amenities which would enable us to host the Inter-Primary Championships (better known as the Mini-Olympics) have proven to be a little slower in being realized. And although the track itself would be completed we have looked at the whole, the totality of the facility.

“Whereas we had hoped that we would have a main pavilion for the hosting of the students and the officials, and facilities for bathrooms and so on, these have taken a little longer in the making and it is now time for us to do an assessment of where we are in terms of having the track as part of the 2017 the inter-primary schools.”

The EC $10 million track, Phase 1 of which began Dec. 15, 2016 is still on schedule to complete Phase 1 by the end of March 2017.


Attached Image: Recent photo of Mondo Track