Following the Nevis Island Assembly elections held on December 18, 2017 opposition candidate for District 1 St Pauls E. Robelto Hector assured the leader of the Nevis Reformation Party Hon Joseph Parry that he would be challenging the results. However, no petition has been submitted to the Court within the 21 day limit to file a challenge.

The “Observer” visited the High Court on Thursday (January 11) and was informed that no petition has been submitted by E. Robelto Hector against the Supervisor of Election or against the elected representative for District 1 Nevis (St. Pauls) Hon Spencer Brand.

On Election Day the incumbent Robelto Hector of the NRP lost his seat by 11 votes (585 to 596) to Spencer Brand , ending his ten year hold of that constituency. The NRP lost the elections to the Concerned Citizens Movement four seats to one seat.

On New Year’s day the leader of the Nevis Reformation Party Hon. Joseph Parry said that Hector, “assured me that he will challenge the seat in Charlestown because he is dissatisfied with the results. He feels and the party feels that there were a number of irregularities committed both in the Electoral Office and elsewhere to warrant his objecting and going to court on this very serious matter.”

Parry solicited the supporters of the NRP and the public as a whole to support this move “because it is very import that we have free and fair elections every time. That is what our democratic process is about.”

The Observer visited Hector at his office on Thursday but he rendered no comments.

In 2011 the CCM filed an election petition at the High Court. The petition challenge to the election results for the St John’s constituency stems from Nevis Reformation Party (NRP) candidate Hensley Daniel, being challenged by the opposition party, Concerned Citizens Movement (CCM) member, Mark Brantley. One of the Brantley’s main issues in this case was the illegal removal of the names of over 200 voters from the electoral register.

Months later Nevis high court judge, Justice Lionel Jones, ruled the election results for the St John’s constituency on 11 July, 2011 were invalid and void.