Officer Lauston Percival addressing the students of the Sandy Point Primary School with other members of the team looking on.

BASSETERRE, St. Kitts — Members of the Community Policing Initiative/National Intervention Team explained some of the benefits of good behaviour to the children of the Sandy Point Primary School this week.

This was the team’s first school visit for the year. Officer Lauston Percival addressed the students during their morning assembly and warned the children that bad behaviour could be considered the weight keeping them back from being the best they could be in life.

“We want to let you know that as young people, as nice boys and girls, you are always supposed to behave good,” said Officer Percival. “When you do things that you are not supposed to do – when you misbehave, when you fight, when you swear, when you steal – all of these things, they are going to keep you back. Whenever you do bad things, these things are keeping you back from moving forward,” Officer Percival said.

The officer encouraged them to practice good behaviour. While he noted that the message was for every child of every grade level, he especially urged those in grade six who would be moving on to High School later this year.

“So whatever weight you have on you that is keeping you down from climbing the ladder to success, whatever weight you have on you that is keeping you from moving forward, you need to get rid of that weight…getting rid of the weight will enable you to move upward and forward because that is what we want,” said Officer Percival. We want our people to reach to their full potential.”

Before leaving the community, the team stopped by the Sandy Point Preschool, housed in a building next to the Primary School. The officers visited upon the request of a teacher who invited them to interact with the children as they were celebrating community workers.