The pier at Oualie Beach Resort is up and running, says John Yearwood, managing director of the hotel.

After the passage of hurricanes Irma and Maria, both Category 5 storms, the Observer visited the Oualie beach Sept. 21 and noted that the hotel received major damage to its pier and coastline. Upon the Observer’s visit to the resort, a reporter noted that the end of the pier was submerged in water, while a number of boards were missing. The beachfront had been covered with seaweed as well as other debris.

The Observer noted Sept.  23 that one water taxi operator had to load his passengers headed to St. Kitts into a dingy boat to take them out to sea to an awaiting water taxi.

The Observer spoke to Yearwood Sept. 27, who noted that the pier had received some renovations post-hurricanes and was up and running as of Sept. 23. He also noted that the coastline had been cleaned of seaweed and other debris.

Yearwood also revealed that the Nevis Island Administration through the director of Physical Planning had allowed for repairs and renovations to be completed on the damaged pier.

Just weeks prior to the storms, the resort was able to renovate their pier after sea swells damaged it last year. In July, the resort had successfully completed negotiations with its insurance company to renovate the pier, which had been damaged by storm waves in late October 2016. At the time, Yearwood said he was pleased with the dialogue between the resort and TDC insurance.

“TDC has assured me that the funds for the dock repairs shall soon be made available,” Yearwood said. He told the Observer then that though the pier was damaged, it was made serviceable and the resort began negotiations with the insurance company shortly afterward. He noted that no changes to the pier would occur during the renovations, which were completed in July 2017.

The Oualie Pier also functions as a water taxi hub, where a number of water taxi operators transport passengers from Nevis to St. Kitts via speed boat.