The NIA have said that they intend to build a pier at the Southern part of Oualie Beach, a picture taken yesterday of members of the Nevisian Community enjoying the safe swimming conditions in that same location.

NIA’s proposed pier nowhere to be found

Two weeks after the end of a successful negotiations with TDC Insurance Company, monies to renovate Oualie Beach’s existing pier has been received, while the Nevis Island Administration has not yet submitted to the Department of Physical Planning any plans for its own proposed pier.

The Observer contacted the Department of Physical Planning Wednesday, asking as to whether the plans for the NIA’s proposed pier were available in the Jones Bay or Mosquito Bay area and was told no such plans by the NIA were submitted “as yet.” The  EC$5 million pier project is said to include the purchase of the property for EC$3.5 million, a 100-by-10 foot pier, restaurant, ticket booth and gazebo-type waiting area. It will be managed by the Nevis Air and Seaport Authority and was scheduled to begin later next month and completed in time for the opening of the Park Hyatt in St. Kitts later this year.

In the meantime, Oualie Beach Resort is two weeks into the renovation of its pier, which is located just yards away from the NIA’s proposed pier. Speaking with the Observer on Wednesday, the resort’s managing director of the resort, John Yearwood, explained that their pier received damages from storm waves in late October 2016. The pier was made serviceable and the resort began negotiations with the insurance company shortly after. He noted that no changes to the pier would occur during the renovations.

Yearwood also expressed his delight on the NIA’s purchase of the beach front property next to the resort.

“I am absolutely delighted that the government has purchased beach land at Oualie Beach,” he said. “I think it is very positive. I will strongly recommend that they purchase beach land on all the major beaches so that they protect the access to the beach for future generation of Nevisians. I think it is very, very important. I think they should be praised on making that purchase.”

He said that he feels that Nevis needs more piers, but not necessarily on the proposed location.

“We should have more piers in Nevis,” he said. “It’s just where you put them. In terms of other piers, I think Nevis definitely needs more piers. I don’t know why there isn’t one yet at Sunshines yet, so yachts can come in and enjoy what’s down there. There should be one by Hamilton Condos (Cotton Ground) and I can see one by Gin Trap, between Oualie and  Cliffdwellers. They should think about replacing the New Castle pier. [There are] a lot of fishermen are over there. They should put a lovely pier there. The one there has fallen into disrepair.”

He noted that the area of the proposed pier should be turned into a public park.

“Make it into a public park for the Nevis people,” he suggested. “Every weekend you see people down there enjoying the beach. Politians in government normally think what’s good for the people for the next five years and not what’s good for the future generations.”