Minister of Housing Eugene Hamilton

Staff Writer

As part of its new housing drive, the Government is moving to distribute 86 houses around St. Kitts.

Minister with Responsibility for Housing the Hon. Eugene Hamilton said the houses will be located in Ottley’s (19), Green Acres (27), Pine Gardens (28), Buckley’s (6), and Taylor’s (6).

This disclosure was made Wednesday at the Prime Minister’s monthly media briefing when a reporter asked him for an update on the Housing Policy.

Mr. Hamilton said he is aware that there are many people who “want to be Ministers of government”. But unlike the previous administration, the distribution of the new homes will be done in a documented manner to show transparency in the process, he said.

“ I would just tell you that next week we will be distributing new houses…those will be distributed in the next week or two and we have events planned to properly document and show to the public the transparency in the distribution of those houses,” he declared.

He said the Ministry takes seriously its responsibility in the way the housing policy is being drafted. “Rather than approaching it in an adhoc fashion, we have employed a committee that has been working for some months now,” he added.

The new policy is still in the drafting stage with the Committee before it reaches the Minister for final authorization, contradicting a plan laid out earlier this year by Prime Minister Dr. Timothy Harris.

In January, during an appearance on the Government’s weekly radio ‘Working for You’ Prime Minister Dr. Hon. Timothy Harris responded to a caller who challenged the Minister and his Ministry to develop the Housing Policy in the shortest possible time.

“The Minister of Housing is charged with the responsibility of bringing a policy paper to the Cabinet, so that we could make a determination not just on this particular case (Halfway Tree) in which you referenced…but generally the housing policy of Team Unity, and we will unfold that,” Dr. Harris said.

“We will want to unfold that within the next month or so, and I will ensure that the Ministry of Housing moves with deliberate speed and thoughtfulness to ensure that we are in a position to meet that particular timeframe.”

The Minister is hopeful of having the policy completed by next when he delivers the houses to its new owners, where he said he expects to further address the question of a National Housing Policy.