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Parsons Domino Club declared 2018 Constituency #7 Domino League champions

The victorious Parsons Domino Club in a picture taken on Thursday November 15 at the Lodge Community Centre after Lodge Domino Club players failed to turn up.

BASSETERRE, St. Kitts — Parsons Domino Club from Parsons Ground in Constituency Number Six created history by being the first club from outside Constituency Number Seven to be named champions in the 23-year history of the annual Constituency Number Seven Dr. the Hon Timothy Harris Domino League competition.

While it is cause for celebration by Parsons, awarding of the championship was by default. Defending champions Lodge did not honour the repeat second match in the best-of-three finals, as had been arbitrated by a four-person panel that overturned the results of a disputed second match that Lodge had won in the early morning of Nov. 7 against Parsons.

The two teams met in the first-of-best-of-three finals Nov. 1, in which Parsons upset the defending champions by handing them a 13-11 beating. The second match was played Nov. 6. It was a tough match which ended in disarray at 12:16 a.m. with Lodge winning 13-12, a result Parsons did not take well as they disputed the last game on table two that gave Lodge the win.

That disputed result tied the matches at 1-1. Parsons sent a protest note to the league’s coordinator, who appointed a four-person arbitration panel. The panel subsequently ruled to overturn the results of the second match citing that the referee overseeing table two, where the dispute started, admitted he made an error.

The second match was cancelled and the two teams were asked to go back with Parsons leading 1-0. The repeat second match was slated for Nov. 15. While Parsons’ players showed up, league coordinator Calvin Farrell received an undated handwritten note at 7:10 p.m. that same day from the Lodge Captain, Horatio Thomas indicating that his team had decided not to play.

“We the members of the Lodge Domino Team had a meeting and we came to one decision that your panel made a wrong decision in taking back the game from us, in which we won 13 games to 12 games,” said Captain Thomas in the letter.

The captain further stated: “We are not satisfied of the panel overruling the referee’s decision. We the Lodge Domino Team made a decision that if the decision is not reverse (sic) this matter will have to reach further and the court will have to give the final decision to which we will accept.”

But in a letter sent to the Lodge Domino Team on Nov. 19, Coordinator Calvin Farrell said: “This letter serves to inform you that due (to) your no show for the finals game scheduled against Parsons Ground on Thursday, Nov.15 your team have been awarded second place.”

In his letter, the league coordinator reminded the team of the fact that after the panel made the decision to overturn the game, “the panel spokesperson did ask all players present if anyone had anything to add or any issues and there was a mute response.”

With Parsons named the new champions, they will meet the winners of Best of the Rest, Molineux in a match dubbed ‘champion of champion’ on Nov. 22 at the Lodge Community Centre in Lodge Project at 7:30 p.m.