Patrick Howell jr.

By Monique Washington

Suspected killer Patrick Howell Jr has been found guilty of gun and ammunition possession and has been sentenced to a combined 13 years at  Her Majesty’s Prison in St Kitts

Mr. Howell, a Cane Garden resident, was caugh with a gun in June of last year. Formal charges were brought against him and he was remanded to HMP. Howell’s case was  to be heard on Tuesday at the Magistrate Court in Charlestown but was rescheduled to Thursday .

Howell pleaded not guilty to the charges but the Magistrate found other wise . He was sentenced to two years for smuggling, five years for possession of ammunition, and six years for possession of a firearm.

Prior to Howell’s most recent arrest, bail was granted after he was accused of taking the life of 17 year old Zamique Heyligier in December of 2011. Howell was a juvenile at the time and released on bail in early 2012. Dylon Clarke, a key witness in the case, disappeared in April of 2012 after he walked out of his mother’s house. After the disappearance, police labelled Howell as their number one suspect. His disappearance attracted regional attention and in May the Virgin Island Police Department (VIPD) assisted the St. Christopher and Nevis Police Force with their search. A cadaver dog was brought in and identified an area in Cane Garden were a body once laid.

According to a press release from the Virgin Islands Police, “During the search with VIPD officers, Hassan, the police dog, picked up Clarke’s scent at the Moonlight Bar in Church Ground and led officers to a home about a mile away, where he alerted them to the presence of a cadaver. Local police said “a person of interest” to the case resides at the home. Digging equipment was brought in; however a body was not found,” the release reads.

Howell has never been charged in connection with the disappearance of Clarke