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Pinney’s Park to continue with funding from the Taiwanese

After having funds “disappear” for the development of the Pinney’s Recreational Park the Premier of Nevis Hon Mark Brantley is positive that Nevisians will begin to see some development at the site after “fruitful” meeting with the Taiwanese whom he hopes will provide some of the money for the project.

The park was first announced to the general public in 2014. The initial plans for 14 acre lot included a pool, parking, a jogging path, a coconut grove and a pier among other things.

Permanent Secretary of Tourism Carl Williams (now deceased) at the time assured The Observer that work would begin at the park before the end of 2016.

During the 2018 Nevis Island Administration Budgets address, $1.6 million had been allotted for the park. The amount the NIA hopes to receive as a grant. The Observer contacted Permanent Secretary of Finance Colin Dore who said that the NIA hopes to raise this money through International Development Agency.

Brantley said during a press conference that his government “feels as if we have some good favorable winds blowing now in relations to that” (the park).

He said, “I think we would have some delays as you know.” Brantley was referring to the initial funding he allegedly secured to pay for the park “vanishing in thin air.”

He noted in 2016 that “I don’t think it’s a secret that we had funding in place that has disappeared and so, we have had to re calibrate, take out some things, put in a few other things, but I think the public can look forward to the start of construction after the Culturama season.”

Since then, Federation citizens Anne Bass and Julian Lethbridge told The Observer in an exclusive interview, that Bass never agreed to fund the park, and Brantley assured her that he would secure the funding. The Observer understands that Bass was willing to help with the project but not willing to fully fund the project as it was a public project.

According to Lethbridge, Bass thought it was important that the funding to come from a broad range of people. “It is a project that belongs to the public,” he said.

Brantley said during the press conference that recently they have had some fruitful meetings with the International Development Agency for Taiwan who they are inviting to participate in finalizing that park. But, there is nothing yet definite on this possibility.

“The park is very much still on our agenda and we hope to have movement on that very very shortly,” Brantley concluded.