Prime Minister the Hon. Dr. Timothy Harris

By Loshaun Dixon

Basseterre, St. Kitts-Prime Minister of St. Kitts and Nevis Dr. Timothy Harris is striking back at critics who claim the government has been slow in keeping its campaign promises.

Speaking at the Prime Ministers New Year’s Gala, Dr. Harris said that while for some people the pace may seem slow, his government is taking a democratic approach to governing.

“This is a democracy,” he said. “It is not a revolution that we had in the sense that there is a violent overthrow and you have these radical alterations in societies and programs of development.”

He added that only when there is those type of changes could any government act faster than it is going.

“I challenge you to find any government in its first term that has done as much as the Team Unity Administration in 23 months. That is a record of accomplishment of which we are prepared to defend and motivate our people to defend it,” he said.

The Prime Minister listed some of the accomplishments his administration has achieved since taking office.

“We  brought in a program thanks in part to the government of Venezuela that is the  Fresh start program and we have provided financial support to over 300 young and not so young people all over St. Kitts and Nevis,” he declared.

“Because the job is not yet done, this government has secured $30 million that we have made available to the small man…to give them an opportunity through entrepreneurship and enterprise to make something good for themselves.”

He also said that it was important that government has an inclusive approach to development.

“We promise development for all, prosperity for all and fair share for all. That meant that we would listen, we would learn and respond and we are doing so,” he said.

Dr. Harris said his government will not succumb to any pressure, because his administration has a mandate from the people and plans “to make haste slowly.”

“We will be thoughtful and we will be systematic in our approach to development. We will not succumb to pressure or the cracking of the whip from anyone because we have the confidence of the people,” he stated.

He also noted that government is listening to the people’s concerns

“We hear theme in the circus, we hear then in the market, we hear them in the churches and yes we are a government that listens. But we have to manage the country and keep it on the path of development,” he said.