Prime Minister of St. Kitts and Nevis and Leader of the Peoples Labour Party (PLP) Dr. Timothy Harris recommended the PLP’s Deputy Leader and current Senator Akilah Byron-Nisbett as a candidate to run in Constituency three during the next general election.

In 2015 during the last election campaign incumbent representative Sam Condor representing the PLP, a new party that had branched off from the St. Kitts Labour Party (SKNLP), was defeated after he held Constituency three (West Basseterre) for more than 25 years. He was unseeded by new comer on the political scene Konris Maynard of the SKNLP.

Since then many had wondered who would replace Condor in that constituency for the PLP. However the PLP leader made a recommendation at the Party’s convention on Sunday “I recommend my Deputy Leader, this popular wonder woman, as a fit and proper person to serve the people of number 3.”

Dr. Harris said Byron-Nisbett has all the tools to be a proper representative. “The doctor already dissected the character clean, beautiful, calm disciplined in parliament and out of the parliament and I want to commend her mother and father who are here, you brought a lovely daughter.”

Byron-Nisbett who also serves as the Deputy Speaker in the National Assembly said she would be happy to serve the people of that constituency. “At the last general election, the Peoples Labour Party made a commitment to the people of Number Three that the Peoples Labour Party in Team Unity will ensure that the needs of the good people of Constituency Three would be made a priority.

She added that since the last election she had been a caretaker of the constituency on behalf of the people of the area. “Although we may not have been successful at the polls that commitment to the people of the constituency still remains. As such, the PLP and Team Unity have tasked me with being their eyes and ears within this constituency and I give my continued commitment that I will do all in power to ensure that the people of the Constituency receives their fair share.”

Byron-Nisbett highlighted the importance of youth in shaping the future of St. Kitts and Nevis and having women in prominent roles is critical fro growth and development. “Our party also appreciates and understands the critical role women play in the advancement and progress of our country

She continued, “In 2017 we displayed our commitment to the development of women when on March 25th we elected a young woman to be deputy leader of the PLP. The first political party to have ever done so. The PLP has decided that it is time that women take their rightful place at the head table bringing perspective ideas and voice as part of the decision making body.”

She added that the party is one that puts the people at the forefront of their plans.

PLP forms part of the trio of political parties that make up the Team Unity Government