Photo 1: Ongoing construction work on the Treasury Renovation Project in the heart of Charlestown

Photo 2: Colin Dore, permanent secretary in the Ministry of Finance on Nevis

Photo 3: A barricade set up near the bus stop in Charlestown next to the construction site in the area of the Charlestown Public Market for the Nevis Island Administration’s $8.5million Treasury Renovation Project

Photo 4: Barricades set up around the construction site in the area of the Charlestown Public Market for the Nevis Island Administration’s project




PS Dore asks for public’s support during Treasury Renovation Project construction

From NIA


Charlestown, Nevis – Colin Dore, permanent secretary in the Ministry of Finance on Nevis, is calling on the public for its support, cooperation and understanding as construction of the Nevis Island Administration’s (NIA) $8.5million Treasury Renovation Project commences in the heart of Charlestown.

The permanent secretary said Nov. 10 that work commenced on the Sugar Industry Diversification Fund (SIDF)-funded project over the weekend. The project’s duration is expected to be 18-24 months. He pointed to traffic disruptions and some level of inconvenience during construction, but noted that measures have been taken to ensure public safety.

“We are aware…there would be some disruption in traffic flow, as there is a need to erect various barricades for security on the job site,” he said. “We are asking for the support, cooperation and understanding of the general public as we seek to carry out the work in a manner that provides very little opportunity for any injury…for those operating in and around the site. It is a little inconvenient at the moment, but I want to assure the public that it is necessary as we seek to ensure the safety of both the traveling public, [people] visiting the market and the business entities that are close by.”

Dore disclosed that the contract for construction of the building was awarded to LEFCO Equipment Rental & Construction Co. Ltd. Other sub-contracts have also been awarded for air conditioning, plumbing and electricals.

He give some insight into the early construction process ,which would entail heavy traffic flow to and from the construction site. Based on the advice of the contractor, the existing fill material affected by sea water would be removed and replaced. Work would then take its gradual pace through to 2018.

Dore used the opportunity to address concerns from various sectors of the community regarding the modern building’s place in “charming historic” Charlestown. He assured that all the necessary steps are being taken to address as many concerns as possible to ensure that, in the end, the structure will be in keeping with the architecture of Charlestown.  

“For those who were concerned about the height, we want to assure you again that we have looked at it and in our discussion with Physical Planning [Department], who is the ultimate authority dealing with planning structures,” he said. “The height of the building is within the height of the surrounding buildings” – the Court House building and the Cotton Ginnery Mall building.

“We are not going to have a building [that] is obviously much higher than the others around Charlestown,” he added. “It will be quite in keeping with the height and the architecture of all the other buildings in Charlestown.”

Dore said that the necessary modification and adjustments will be made throughout the construction process in an effort to keep the project within the look and feel of Charlestown.