Red Cross hosts first aid workshop

By Anastasha Elliott

More than 18 persons took part in a CPR First Aid Disaster Preparedness workshop, hosted by the Nevis Red Cross Society.

The workshop took place last week Thursday and Friday.

Roxanne Daniel, a certified RN and Red Cross instructor and Maxwell Liburd facilitated the workshop.

Daniel, who is employed as a resort nurse at the Four Seasons Resort, said the workshop was mainly attended by cadets, health educators, and representatives of the Customs Department, the Mass Casualty Unit  and representatives from the health care sector.

Daniel said the workshop was held out of the need to get more information to the public.

She said more workshops of this nature would be conducted in the near future.

Some of the topics covered during the workshop included; how to recognise and respond to an emergency and the proper action to take before providing care.

During the workshop Daniel was able to clear up some common misconceptions. She said the chances of catching a disease from giving mouth to mouth resuscitation was slim.

Daniel added that some sessions were humorous at times.

Daniel said that during the summer programmes the Red Cross will facilitate a workshop to teach children how to care for other injured children.

Daniel said that in hosting these workshops the overall objective of the Nevis Red Cross is to help people render effective assistance during an emergency.

“99 percent of the times the treatment that is given before the emergency official arrives determines how effect the treatment from that official will be.”