Start of one of the races.


Start of one of the races.
A winner stops by the tape at the end of the race.
Part of the pre-event march passes by the members of Blue, Gold and Red Houses.
There were many fun games. Here an older boy attempts to knock down a pyramid of 10 cans using bean bags.
Next Kittitian Olympian: Kyraincia Thomas, Nursery 2, of Red House proudly displays her two “gold” medals.
Mothers show how it is done after fathers shied away.
A mother, Chrystal Richards of Red House (left), receives a gift voucher from Supervisor Javelle Mills for taking part in the Mothers’ Race.
Treasure Hunt: There was pandemonium as children rushed into the classrooms to look for the hidden treasure.

Red House upsets favourite Gold House in Tabernacle Day Care Centre’s Mini Sports

From PLP PR Media Inc.

BASSETERRE, St. Kitts – When the crowd that included their parents, siblings, neighbours – and even people they had never seen before – turned out, children from Red House rose to the occasion by overcoming their shyness and beating the pre-competition hot favourites, Gold House, in the epic Tabernacle Day Care Centre’s Mini Sports and Fun Day May 5. 

Supervisor of the Tabernacle Day Care Centre Javelle Mills said that children had been training long before the mini sports day to expose them to competitiveness. Gold House always emerged at the top, beating the other two houses, named Red and Blue. The school compound was used for the training and when that happened, only teachers and their fellow pupils would be present. 

But when the actual event came about, children from Gold House panicked when they saw the large crowds and some even started crying. This did not happen with those from Red House, who gallantly fought through and carried the day, with Blue House taking the second position. When the children were practising, they did not have a finish line tape, so when some arrived at the tape, they just stopped before it rather than through it.

The fundraising event was well supported by corporate entities and members of the local community, including Prime Minister the Honourable Dr. Timothy Harris, who is the local area parliamentary representative. “The support we received was great,” said Mills. “It was so much more than we expected. We asked and yes, we received.” 

Mills noted that while they had anticipated holding a sports event only, they realised that with the small compound they have at the centre, they would not hold many events to have the event flourish. They ended up holding mini races, with other fun games where lots of prizes were at stake. The treasure hunt was a marvel as older siblings of the day care pupils ran all over the classrooms looking for the hidden gems. 

“What a community!” exclaimed Mills. “They came out in their numbers, whether they have a child here or not, because they heard the news. They wanted to know what was going on and so they came in their numbers and that is something we as the staff at the Tabernacle Day Care Centre greatly appreciate.” 

However, she said she was disappointed when fathers shied away when asked to take part in a fathers’ race, forcing the mothers to compete twice. “If I am having a parents’ meeting and when I see my fathers, it just warms my heart because it shows that they support their children, small [in number] as they are,” observed Mills. “But I do not know if they were too shy or whatever because you know how [people] are. That is why the mothers decided they were going to dominate it.”