Combatting crime is a top priority for Federation’s new National Security advisor Maj. General Stewart Saunders, ret,. who was speaking to stakeholders in Charlestown, Nevis this week.

“I am here to help you tackle and overcome some of the adverse problems that confront the Federation,” Saunders said.

Advisor Saunders was accompanied by Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of National Security Osmond Petty. In attendance were police officers, former police officers, teachers, business men and community development workers.

According to Petty, while Saunders has been engaged by the government of St Kitts and Nevis for two months, he has only recently been appointed as the National Security Advisor.

Saunders previously noted he was most concerned about the number of homicides when compared to the size of the population and the fact that everyone he has met with shares that same concern. “But everybody also feels that at this particular moment in time, we are trending in the right direction and they have been very helpful, extremely helpful in putting their services forward as far as the fight against crime is concerned,” he said.

“I must say what I have learned so far over the past two months these problems are not insurmountable but these are not problems that can be solved by one entity, that is to say you security force alone,” he said.

He noted to combat crime it is going to involve the contributions from the public. “In general I hope you will come on board and assist with this challenge that we have facing St Kitts and Nevis,” he urged.