Special To The Observer

ST. KITTS — A workshop of the Association of Commonwealth Archivists and Records Managers (ACARM) on the dissemination of best practices in implementing legislation bearing on records and archives began Wednesday at the Bird Rock Beach Hotel.

National Archivist Victoria O’Flaherty said the workshop serves to assist those archives currently drafting legislation or revising it. Issues up for discussion include ensuring that records policies and practices are developed enough to meet the requirements of new legislation; how electronic records management will affect this; as well as how the advent of online archival services impact upon the archivists work.

It is also hoped that the exercise will encourage making records management an integral part of archival practice.

Mrs O’F laherty said that although her ministry has already put the required legislation in place, she is now working on a programme of cooperation with the archives and government ministries and departments.

The one-day seminar is being attended by commonwealth representatives from around the region including Anguilla, Dominica, BVI, St.Lucia, Grenada, Trinidad, Guyana and host country St. Kitts and Nevis.

The main objectives of ACARM are to promote the development of professional archival and records management; to reinforce the importance which archives and records have in national heritage and development programmes; to promote the development of professional archival and records management education and training and to permit archivists and records managers who share a common heritage to compare, exchange, share and develop their common experience.

ACARM also hopes to encourage the dissemination of information; promote an increased awareness of the Commonwealth through the exploitation of archives and records in teaching and encourage the formation and continued development of professional archival and records management associations in individual countries of the Commonwealth