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Senator Byron-Nisbett roots for an all-female team in Constituency #7 Domino League

Senator the Hon Akilah Byron-Nisbett hosts the awards ceremony. At the head-table are Prime Minister Dr. Timothy Harris and league coordinator Calvin Farrell.

BASSETERRE, St. Kitts –- Prospects are high that an all-female team will take part in the 24th edition of Constituency Number Seven Dr. the Hon Timothy Harris Domino League when it opens later this year.

Since the league started in 1996, a number of women have been featured as players on teams heavily dominated by men. A highly respected woman, Deputy Speaker Senator the Hon Akilah Byron-Nisbett, on Jan. 12 challenged women to form a team and take part in the 2019 tournament.

The Hon Byron-Nisbett gave the challenge at the award ceremony of the 2018 Constituency Number Seven Dr. the Hon Timothy Harris Domino League tournament at the Edgar Gilbert Sporting Complex pavilion in Molineux where she chaired the evening’s proceeding.

The league, which is the longest running domino league in the country is sponsored by Prime Minister and Area Parliamentary Representative for Constituency Number Seven Dr the Hon Timothy Harris, who quickly endorsed the idea of having an all-female team in this year’s competition. Fourteen male-dominated teams took part in last year’s tournament, but one dropped out after five matches at the first-round stage.

“As I look around the room I am not seeing too many females,” said the Hon Byron Nisbett, who is also the Deputy National Political Leader of the Peoples Labour Party and Team Unity’s Caretaker for Constituency Number Three (West Basseterre). “I am thinking for the 24th edition we probably will have an all-female team and I am sure that the all-female team will win the competition as well.”

Dr. Harris told the large and enthusiastic audience that if what is reached at the prize-giving ceremony is determined by the organisers of the league in terms of innovation, and in terms of new ideas coming forward, “we are going to have a women’s team participating in the competition.”

The prime minister said it would be up to the organisers to make an early decision. He saluted all the women who were at the ceremony either as participants or to support participants. He saluted women who played in the league during its early years, namely Vera Samuel, Shirley Nicco and Lucile West.

Of the current crop of women players, he saluted Glenda Romney of the new champions Parsons Domino Club, Dianne Byron-Monzac of Giants and who acted as a scorer, Octavia Huggins of Sylvers, Patricia Westcott¬-Johnson of Guinness, Valencia Alexander of Beers, and scorer Hope Bradley.

In conclusion, Dr. Harris said he knew there will even be more excitement in 2019 because women-power will be there, whether they will come back as part of the existing teams or in a team of their own. He said he was looking forward to welcoming them as they will add “what they will add to the competitiveness of the league, and of course to the keenness of the competition.”