Esa Slack Currently in hospital in St. Kitts

By Monique Washington

Police now have one man in custody after he attacked Federal Parliament Senator Michael Perkins on Saturday (May 21) in front of the Charles Town Police Station.

Hon. Perkins currently holds the position of Project Implementation Officer with the Nevis Island Administration, and also Senator and the Deputy Speaker in the Federal Parliament.

Police Public Relations Officer Grell Browne confirmed to the Observer that the man who launched the attack has not been charged as yet as he is currently warded at the Psychiatric Ward at the J. N. France General Hospital in St. Kitts “receiving treatment” under police custody.

According to the official complainant’s statement made to the police and obtained by the Observer, Hon Perkins was attacked by Esa Slack just 10 feet away from the Charlestown Police Station’s door.

Its states that  on Saturday, after numerous threats Perkins decided to make a report at the Charlestown Police Station but Slack ran up to him and attacked him.

“As I tried to go past him to get to the door of the station, Esa struck out at me hitting my arms as I ducked away. As I tried to evade him, he punched me about my head, neck and shoulder,” the statement reads.

It further states that he shouted for help and the first officer to come was Justin Griffin who was able to pull Slack off of him. He said that two other officers came who were able to control Slack and place him in custody.

According to the statement, Slack made threats and tried to physically harm Perkins the day prior to the incident. Perkins states that Slack’s threats of harming and killing him have been ongoing for about eight years.

“I have made numerous reports to the Police against Esa over the last eight years or so over similar incidents, and I am aware that he has been convicted on at least two occasions,” the statement reads.

He revealed that he was not physically injured, but has experience slight pain around his right shoulder.

Slack, at time of printing has not been charged with any offence against Hon Perkins as he is current receiving treatment at the hospital, but according to a police report Slack was arrested and charged in the First Instance for the offence of Possession of Cannabis with intent to supply on May 22. Charges relating to his attack on Mr. Perkins are expected to be laid on his release from hospital.

In a public statement Perkins expressed his gratitude to the police officers that quickly ended the altercation and took the man into custody and thanked the multitude of persons who reached out to him and his family “in a show of care and concern and offered prayers.”