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Shot over 30 times

By L.K. Hewlett

St. Kitts Reporter

Commuters making their way home on Tuesday afternoon were the recipients of a gruesome surprise. The bloodied body of twenty-five-year-old Nigel ‘Daffy’ ‘G-Money’ Henry laid sprawled face-up in the grass at the side of the island’s main road.

Police secured the immediate area in front of the biomedical research facility (monkey farm) in Bourryeau, just outside of Molyneux Village, the apparent scene of the crime.

As numerous onlookers gathered, the family of the victim also stood looking at the bullet-riddled body which remained uncovered for hours after it was discovered.

The victim’s girlfriend and mother of his infant son wept openly, being held up and comforted by someone close to her. Henry’s father stood near the cane fields, his face blank, watching as police placed a multitude of bright orange markers around his son.

There were over 30 flags at the crime scene marking where spent bullet shells were found, about half scattered across the street, and the remaining ones mainly to the immediate right of the body. Based on the location and quantity of little orange ‘flags’, Henry appeared to have been set upon as he left his workplace.

The batch of bullet shells next to the body also seemed to indicate that the victim was shot multiple times at almost point blank range. Clearly, the shooter or shooters wanted to make sure that Henry stood no chance of survival. Many at the scene speculated that a machine gun or some other automatic assault weapon was used to gun the man down and also that it may have been more than one shooter.

One of Henry’s neighbours said that when she heard that someone had been shot, Henry instantly came to mind.

“When I heard about the shooting the first thing I said was that I hoped it wasn’t Daffy. Just one day last weekend he was in my yard helping me do something and he told me that people were after him. I didn’t know he was serious,” the unidentified woman told The Observer.

His neighbour may not have been the only person Henry had told those same words to as upon hearing of the murder, an acquaintance expressed the same sentiment.

“From the time I hear somebody get shot round there, I say it had to be Daffy. He really say some people were trying to pop him off (kill him). I didn’t take it as nothing,” the young man said.

Henry’s murder came just three days after the near fatal shooting of twenty-three year-old Lorenzo Harvey in Phillips’ village, located on the other side of Molyneux.

In the early morning hours last Saturday, a barrage of gunshots echoed through the small village as most of its residents slept.

According to family members, Harvey was ‘cooling out’ on his verandah at the time of the attack. They said he was recuperating from a bad cold and still had a touch of fever, which was probably why he was outside at that time.

“From what we understand, two men just rush up to him and start shooting. Shots went through two fingers, his testicles and in his legs and other parts of his lower body. They carry him theatre to operate as soon as he reach the hospital,” the female relative said.

Harvey remains in the Intensive Care Unit at the J.N. France Hospital in stable condition. It is said that he is not co-operating with the police authorities who are carrying out investigations into his shooting.

Officials have not confirmed the rampant rumors of a link between Harvey’s shooting and the murder of Henry. Prevalent speculation is that the two incidents are connected, possibly due to the fact that both men are set to give testimony against others in the impending trial for the Nov. 2005 shooting of Corporal Joseph Bergan. The two were among a group arrested for the gun crime against the defence force soldier but were released on bail after giving evidence against their co-conspirators.

Another of the circulating rumors suggests that the murder was some form of retaliation because the man was somehow involved in the Harvey shooting.

Police have remained tightlipped about the existence of any suspects or witnesses in either shooting but are said to be investigating the matters fervently.