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Six photos announced to have demonstrated the beauty of St. Kitts

Six people have been judged winners in the St. Kitts Best Destination Photo Contest for taking pictures that best show the beauty of the island. Coincidentally the winners have been announced just after Bloomberg Financial News named St. Kitts as its top Caribbean destination for 2018.

The photo contest began on November 1 and ran until November 27 as part of Tourism Awareness Month and invited members of the general public to visit any attraction on the island and take photos that demonstrate the beauty of St. Kitts.

By the deadline more than 98 submissions were made from youth and adult categories and had seasoned photographers as the judges.

The top three photos were judged according to expression of the element being portrayed, marketability, memorability, creativity and technical execution.

In the youth division, first place went to Shermar Moore Jr., second place to Jacquan Olu Phillips and third place to Carolyn G Adams. In the adult division, first place went to Pin-Hu Wu, second place to Charlin Joseph and third place to Maialen Langaran

Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Tourism Carlene Henry-Morton explained that through initiatives such as this are one of the mechanisms to which they market the island’s tourism product.

“The Ministry of Tourism is very happy and very proud whenever we have events like this and opportunities like this,” he explained.

Morton further implored citizens and visitors to use their various social media platforms to promote the federation as a tourist destination. “We feel that our residents and citizens have a role to play beyond this competition.

“We do have a lot in St. Kitts to offer, those of us who travel, we would see that we are just as competitive as anywhere else and it is for us to make sure that we get those pictures out, we write positive things about St. Kitts, we encourage our colleagues and friends.”

She added that the public has to be creative in adding value to what the island has been belled with. “Those beautiful sunsets that you see at evenings, you never know where these pictures are going to end up, you never know who is going to be looking at what you put on social media and say I have to come to St. Kitts and Nevis.”

One of the judges and professional photographer Garth Archibald indicated that that photography and other form of multimedia is a growing industry of the island and this competition displayed the potential of some youth is St. Kitts.

He said, “The competition was slow but it was goo you can see where it can build and this is an area it can improve, but the starting point as of now is proper and I have to give it props.”

He then hailed the winners for the quality of their photos and reminded them that in this new digital era photos similar to what they have produced drive the industry.

“Those kind of things will also drive St. Kitts and that is what is what we are doing now…There were some spectacular images from the persons who won. I am happy that you put in the effort.”

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