By L.K. Hewlett

St. Kitts Reporter

Herschelle Gibbs’ record setting six consecutive sixes in one over will mean more than a piece of history to Kittitians as they are set to reap the benefits in a very tangible way.

Habitat for Humanity of Trinidad, a non-profit house organisation that builds affordable homes in partnership with people in need received the US one million dollar cheque awarded to Gibbs from Johnny Walker.

Kenny Atai of Habitat for Humanity said he was elated to find out that Gibbs had donated the money to his organisation.

“I can’t believe this has happened. It is unimaginable the impact that Gibbs has made on the lives of the hundreds of families who will now be able to see a brighter tomorrow,” he said.

Gibbs himself said it was a thrill not only to set the new record but also to be able to win the million dollars for the charity.

He said it was obviously a huge honour and privilege to be receiving the award that would hugely benefit five hundred or so people in the Caribbean region.

It was not made clear at that time how the large donation would be split among the Caribbean countries nor precisely which countries would in fact be receiving monies to assist in the construction of homes for persons in need.