Basseterre, St. Kitts – The Ministry of Tourism and the St. Kitts Tourism Authority (SKTA) on Thursday launched a revamped website said to be more innovative and mobile friendly than its predecessor.
The new site will replace the last site owned by the SKTA that won multiple awards.
The tourism minister, the Honourable Lindsay Grant, said at a launch ceremony the new site was a key moment in his ministry and the SKTA. “Today is a signal moment in the history of not only the Ministry of Tourism, but the St. Kitts Tourism Authority, because we have to ensure that our industry, which is very fickle as you can recognize, that we plan strategically for the future,” Grant said.
He also challenged the creator of the website, Adriana Suao of Tambourine, to deliver a site that continues the award-winning trend. “The last website won several awards and I hoping this will outdo what that was able to do,” he said.
He also commented on the benefits of the websites mobile friendliness as opposed to desktop version of the website that existed prior.
“Today we recognize it’s more [about] the mobile phones,” he said. “So, this website has been created to ensure that it is not only mobile friendly, but the premier platform from which it should revolve is the mobile phone.”
Grant further indicated that the website boasts large images and engaging content the island.
“This should be and will be the hallmark of our site that we are trying to engage,” he said. “It will have itineraries [and] promotions [to] enhance the visitor experience. Obviously, we cannot do it alone. This is not the St. Kitts Tourism Authority’s website; it’s not the Ministry of Tourism’s website; it is our website, collectively. The pluses and the minuses of the website are ours collectively. So, if it doesn’t suit you, if it doesn’t meet up to your standards, we would have failed.”
Addressing stakeholders in the tourism sector, Grant indicated that one of the goals of the website is to drive traffic to the sites of individual stakeholders.
“We want to drive you,” he said. “We want you to make money from our website. We want to make sure that the website we have given you is going to drive traffic to your website. Obviously, you are going to ensure the content; when we drive the business to your website, it’s what you want to deliver to the people.”
He noted that everyone both public and private will benefit from this new website.
“We want to have engaging relationships with the private sector because at the end of the day, we are here only because you are there,” he said. “If you are not here, we would not only be obsolete, but we would be non-existent and so we thrive on your success and we fall down on your failures.”
Suao explained that after six years with the prior website, the new website needed more than just a paint job, but a new engine entirely. She explained that the new mobile-friendly platform makes webpages longer to give a lot of real estate to showcase content.