The St Christopher and Nevis Social Security Board celebrated its 40th anniversary Thursday with a client appreciation day.

The program began in 1978 when The Social Security Act, No. 13 of 1977 was given effect. From February 1, 1978 a new system of social insurance was brought into being replacing the National Provident Fund which had been in operation for ten years. The Act established the Social Security Board as a statutory corporation with all powers necessary for the operation of the Social Security Fund.

The Observer spoke with Deputy Premier Minister in charge of Housing and Lands Hon. Alexis Jeffers who congratulated to the current Board of Directors of Social Security and also the mangers, supervisors and staff members on the 40th anniversary.

“I want to say a big thank you to all of the persons who would have had some interaction with Social Security for the past 40 years. The initially persons who would have set up the board of directors , all the workers who would have had something to do with ensuring that Social Security remains sustainable and vibrant organization to benefit the people of Nevis and St. Kitts,” Jeffers said.
Jeffers commend SS for their contributions in education, housing and overall social issues and social matters on the island of Nevis.

“I want to be specific, I want to thank them for their partnership in the Nevis Housing and Land Development Cooperation . Over the last 20 years or more we have quite a number of loans that were secured or procured from the Social Security Board for the construction of affordable income houses,” he said.

Continuing he said that in recent times the Housing and Land Cooperation would have secured a $10 million loan that would have gone toward the construction of 50 affordable income houses and also the procurement of equipment for use on our query in St James.

“Owning a home is one of the single most important investments that any young man or young woman can make over their life time and Social Security would have contributed to that,” he said
Jeffers urged person to continue to pay their monthly contributions into Social Security.

The Observer also spoke to one retiree Ermilita Elliott who said she is happy that she able to be a member of Social Security. “ Now that I am retired I am really looking forward to gaining some benefits in the next two years ,hopefully. I would encourage person to make sure that they pay their social security because once you do that you ensured that when retirements comes you don’t have to worry,” she said.